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For other uses see Heimat

24. Juni 2016 18:00 bis 26. Juni 2016 16:00

„Heimat is often considered a particularly German concept, because it does not have perfect semantic equivalents in many European languages (including English). Heimat refers to a place towards which one has a strong feeling of belonging, and (usually) a deep-rooted fondness. Most commonly this is one’s native region, but it may also be that where one has lived for long, where one’s family are, or where one feels at home for whatever reason.
Heimat may be the whole of one’s native country, but more often it is a relatively narrow region (typically with its particular traditions, landscape, dialect, and so on). Even if it refers to a country, it is always defined exclusively by a person’s emotional ties with it, and is therefore quite different from the French patrie.“

Jahresausstellung der Klasse für Angewandte Fotografie und zeitbasierte Medien / Studio Koslik / Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien.

Opening + Party 24/06/16 18 – 02 h

Tingel Tangel Mobil
Oskar May
John Dark
Marmo & Harmlos (Pomeranze)
MMIO (just)
Heap (Discus Throwers)
Erdball (Salto Capitale)
DJ Edi
+ Special Guests

Samstag 25/06/16 14 – 18 h
Sonntag 26/06/16 12 – 16 h

mit Arbeiten von
Lisa Edi / Luca Fuchs / Katja Hasenöhrl / Susanna Hofer / Christina Hrdlicka / Mario Ilić / Simeon Jaax / Lina Kröncke / Martina Lajczak / Simon Lehner / Marlene Mautner / Philipp Orsini-Rosenberg / Alicia Pawelczak / Marcella Ruiz-Cruz / Laura Schaeffer / Thomas Steineder / Daniela Trost / Philip Tsetinis


24. Juni 2016 18:00
26. Juni 2016 16:00

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Studio Koslik

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