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Hza Bažant / NUSLE

5. April 2016 19:00



„Nusle is a place. Beneath the surface of everyday experience, strange creatures live their bizarre stories in asphalt driveway cracks, in the echo of railroad rumble, in the shadows of chimneys and telegraph wires …“

In his impressive graphic saga, Prague-based artist Hza Bažant tells a dreamlike, surreal story, taking place in the backdrop of the urban periphery.

Dienstag, 5. April 2016
19.00 Uhr

atelier olschinsky ART STORE
Esterhazygasse 11
1060 Wien

Eintritt frei! / Admission free!
Zu sehen bis 6. Juni 2016 während der Öffnungszeiten.


Nusle is originally a large scale graphic cycle, consisting of individual large screen prints (70 x 100 cm) on textured & colored paper, on which stencils and spray paint have been applied to create subtle, metallic, largely fluorescent color effects and blurred lines.

Deeply rooted in Prague and Czech culture, each image consists of surreal images of scenes depending on a number of seemingly unrelated, dreamlike stories, but in fact deeply intertwined. Individual images are rich scenes full of symbols, taking place in the backdrop of the urban periphery, which represents the peripheral areas of the mind.

All stories are told without words, by associations, symbols, and common features. This method is chosen with the intention to provide the reader with the greatest possible freedom of interpretation. The reader is author’s partner; he may create his network of relationships between individual characters of the story. Thus, it is possible to return to the book and read a different story each time. Discovery of a new layer of meanings becomes an adventure similar to the exploration of the abandoned corners in an unfamiliar city, where discarded artifacts may create a mosaic of life stories of those who left them behind. It does not matter whether the story happened or could happen; its formation is more about us than about protagonists of the story. As literature uses words to form images, in this case we are using images to build a story. The concept of the Nusle project is based on a free play of imagination stimulated by rich visual perceptions.

(Text: Pascal Feucher, Urban Spree Galerie, Berlin)


5. April 2016

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Atelier Olschinsky Art Store
Esterhazygasse 11
Vienna, 1060 Austria

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