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Literally, Laterally Bending – All Levels Workshop

27. August 2016 9:00 bis 11:00

Goal: Balance the often forgotten sides of the body and unlock the hamstrings.

Description: So much of our physical focus is on the front and backs of our bod-ies, often leaving the side body in many yogis weaker and less stable. There are a lot of poses in yoga that require side body and hamstring flexibility and stability. Without both, we open ourselves up to injury. This class explores the relationship between a strong side body and open hamstrings in poses like side angle, side plank, baby bird of par-adise, visvamitrasana (deep side balance), upavista konasana (side split) and side crow variations.

Die Kraft kommt nicht nur aus der Mitte, sondern auch aus der Seite. Daher widmen wir uns in dieser Klasse der Kräftigung und Dehnung der seitlichen Körperstruktur. Denn viele Positionen brauchen Kraft aus unserer Seite gepaart mit gedehnter Beinmuskulatur. Unser Fokus liegt auf Flexibilität und Stabilität.


Für ONE Yoga Kunden 60,-

Für ONE Yoga Mitglieder 40,-

One Yoga Workshops mit Taylor Harkness.

Taylor is a yoga teacher bent on moving people both on and off the mat with skillful action, an open heart, and gratitude. His motto is „Shine On“, a reminder to be your best self through honesty, vibrance, and compassion- while encouraging others to do the same. An avid rock climber, yogi, rookie sky diver, hungry learner, and paramedic- he applies the experiences of all factions of life to his teachings and to instructing mindful, accessible asana and philosophy


27. August 2016
9:00 bis 11:00

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