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U-Bahnbogen 39-40, Lerchenfeldergürtel
Vienna, 1080 Austria

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Oktober 2017

Schadenfreude – Interactive Stand-up Comedy #11

30. Oktober 20:00 bis 23:00

Another round of Vienna's only interactive stand-up comedy show! Hosted by Reginald Bärris Comedy, the show features a handful of hand-selected comedians improvising to create a one-of-a-kind show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again! How it works: The comedians take to the stage without any prepared material and talk to the crowd to find the funny and make the room laugh! All you have to do is be enthusiastic and enjoy the show from…

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November 2017

Comedy Roast Battle: Jack Holmes vs. Reginald Bärris

13. November 20:00 bis 23:00

Comedy Roast Battle is a very special type of comedy show, where 2 comedians go head-to-head in cutthroat competition! Modeled after Comedy Central's "Roast Battle" and "Roastmasters" in NYC, the battlers take turns slinging a slew of viciously funny jokes at each other's expense. Good-natured insult comedy at it's finest, things are going to get raw and personal--but don't worry, the audience is safe from the danger zone! Tonight's battlers are international comedians Jack Holmes and Reginald Bärris Comedy! Both…

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